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Zippy Paws Floppy Jelly

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Does the Zippy Paws Floppy Jelly make you jelly to also have one? This super cute little jellyfish toy has floppy tentacles and a loud squeaker and is ideal for playtime with your fat-bellied puppy. The elongated shape makes it easy to hold and throw. Not suited for aggressive chewers.

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It is not uncommon for your four-legged fur baby to become particularly attached to THAT ONE favourite plush toy. Pups adore the super-soft, cuddly texture of a plush toy.

It is a good idea to match the size of the toy to your doggo. The stuffed toy should be small enough for your pet precious to carry around.

With soft stuffing, the Zippy Paws Floppy Jelly offers 1 blaster squeaker to mimic the instinctive behaviour that dogs practice when in the wild. Terriers and other small dogs originally bred to hunt and kill vermin, love to play the hunter.

The Zippy Paws Floppy Jelly features a durable design in bright pink to ensure endless fun and play-time.

The Zippy Paws Floppy Jelly is a perfect fun-loving size, measuring 24 cm x 9 cm x 8.5 cm, so that it cannot be swallowed or become lodged in your pet’s throat, so no choking hazard here.

The Zippy Paws Floppy Jelly is just the right size! And it’s great fun for pups of all sizes. The soft, plush fabric won’t harm your pet’s teeth and is ideal for teething pups.

Made with Zippy Paws’ well-known quality standards featuring unique, playful toys.

Weight 0.07 kg
Shipping dimensions 24 × 9 × 8.5 cm

Zippy Paws





Volumetric weight 0.37 kg


  • Durable and long lasting;
  • Soft stuffing;
  • Produces high-pitched sounds.


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