Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launcher


The Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launch is a perfect toy to please your four-legged friend’s desire to play a game of chase and retrieve. It throws the ball at a much faster pace and up to three times as far. Not only that, it is user-friendly for the pet owner too, as it keeps your hands from being slobbered, your back from accessive bending in picking up the ball and saving the joints from accessive bending and extending with the throwing action.

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When you are looking for a fetch toy to up your four-legged companion’s chase and retrieve game, the Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launcher may just be what you need. This device allows you to retrieve the ball without having to bend over too much or touch the slobbery ball. With this launcher, you can satisfy your dog’s desire to play fetch and keep yourself from experiencing agonising joint pain as a result of throwing the ball too many times.

The Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launch is the perfect interactive toy for fulfilling your dog’s desire to chase and retrieve. It is ergonomically designed to throw the ball at a much faster pace and three times further while being easy on the pet parent.

The Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launch comes with a medium-sized rubber Ultra Ball with great buoyancy. It is easy on the gums and teeth.

The Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launcher is super durable. It has a comfortable grip and a folding design – for easy transport and storage, that securely locks in place when in use.

The Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launcher measures 38.86 cm x 10.16 cm x 6.35 cm and weighs 277 g. The Ultra ball is 6.35 cm in diameter and is perfect for small and medium-breed dogs.

This is a convenient way of enhancing your dog’s chase and retrieve games.

Note that as time goes on, you can enrich his Launcher game time by introducing a few other ball alternatives. The Erratic Ball with Erratic Bounce, the super-tough Ultra squeaker ball- with high bounce action and The Firefly Led Ball that glows to make games at dusk and dawn more fun.

The Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launcher is a convenient, fun, and easy way to play fetch with your dog. It is best suited for dogs between 10 kg and 30 kg.

Get The Chuckit Fetch & Fold 25M Launcher and help your dog stay active. Build on your pet-owner bond – One throw at a time.


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