Chuckit! Amphibious Balls


The Chuckit! Amphibious balls are excellent for fun water games on hot summer days. Crafted with innovative nylon and memory foam, they are constructed to withstand abrasion, to be easier on your dog’s teeth, gums and mouth, and to have great buoyancy for fun and interactive games of fetch and retrieve on land and in the water.

Whether the weather is sunny or gloomy – brighten up your dog’s day with the Chuckit! Amphibious Balls and build out our bond one throw at a time.

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Chuckit! Amphibious Balls are what you and your pooch need for those hot summer days. The sun is out, and it is time for a fun game of water play. The Chuckit! Amphibious Balls are designed to endure long and intense games of fetch and retrieve on land and in water. Specially designed with lightweight and durable innovative nylon and memory foam material, these balls have excellent longevity and great buoyancy, making them endure high-performance play.

The Chuckit! Amphibious Balls are vivid blue and orange for maximum visibility, increasing the stimulation of your dog’s senses during fetch games. They are fantastic for outdoor play. Whether going on a walk near the dam or enjoying a game of fetch in the pool – whether the weather is gloomy or sunny, the Chuckit! Amphibious Balls brighten up your dog’s day.

The Chuckit! Amphibious Balls are tough but gentle on your dog’s teeth, gums and mouth.

The Chuckit! Amphibious Balls have the dimensions 6.35 cm x 6.35 cm x 6.35 cm.

Note that, though, The Chuckit! Amphibious Balls are carefully constructed and made to last, no toy are indestructible. Never leave the ball as a chew toy. Be sure to store the ball after play till the next game of fetch. Be sure to remove and replace damaged balls and toys and replace them – as they are an essential part of maintaining your dog’s wellness and building your bond.

Get your dog the Chuckit! Amphibious Balls, he will love you for it. Ruff it out with a game of fetch on land and in water – building your pet-owner bond one throw at a time.

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