zaPet Pet Hair Remover


zaPet Pet Hair Remover is a brush ergonomically designed for removing pet hair quickly and effectively from pet beds, carpets, upholstery, coarse fabric and horse blankets. The zaPet Pet Hair Remover is a good size bush with great durability. If you’re the proud pet parent to double-coated dogs and long hair cats, this is an investment you do not want to miss out on!

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zaPet Pet hair remover is a new and innovative way of removing cat and dog hair from carpets and coarse-textured fabric.

Cats and dogs are very different, yet they have one thing in common – fur! Pets typically have 1 – 2 major shedding cycles per year, but will still lose some hair on a daily basis. Our cat and dog companions like to follow us around, snuggle up, and run around and play; that means finding fur in practically every room and on every surface. When removing pet hair easily and effectively from pet beds, carpets, upholstery and horse blankets, zaPet Pet hair remover is the way to go. It works for almost any pet’s hair as it ingeniously rolls the hair up, similar to the rotating action of a damp cloth and collects it at the edge of the zaPet Pet Hair Remover ready to be pulled off. 

The zaPet Pet Hair Remover has great longevity and is easy to clean with occasional rinsing. No refills are needed like other pet hair removal products.

Note that the zaPet Pet Hair is not suitable for clothing.

Ergonomic design. Extremely effective and quick in removing fur.

The zaPet Pet Hair Remover comes in the dimension: 4.5 cm x 12 cm x 4.5 cm.

The zaPet Pet Hair Remover comes in the colours pink and blue.


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