zaBouncer Cat Teaser


The zaBouncer Cat Teaser is a fun toy that will get your cat up and playing in no time. The zaBouncer is a great toy to encourage interactive fun between you and your kitty. 


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The zaBouncer Cat Teaser is an easy and comfortable toy with a long, flexible yet strong stick to use when playing with your cat. With this fun Cat Teaser, you can bring some excitement and long-awaited fun into your cat’s life. This Cat Teaser is made with crinkle foil and real coloured feathers, which will keep your cat interested in this toy for some time. Even the most snobbish cat will be impressed.

Why don’t you put it to the test if you don’t believe it? Tapping the zaBouncer Cat Teaser on the floor or on the bed will rustle the plastic spirals. Why is this important? Because your cat will come running for some fun-filled playtime. This toy will make your cat pounce, prey, and be active and excited whenever you play together. This toy will promote hunting qualities in your feline.

The zaBouncer Cat Teaser is great to use indoors or outdoors, depending on your cat’s mood. This product is made of real feathers, so your kitty gets the feeling of catching a real birdy. This toy is made of high-quality products, ensuring that you and your cat can have loads of fun and games. Don’t delay when spoiling your furry friend now and then.

The zaBouncer Cat Teaser is available in 2 different colours: Blue and Yellow.

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1 review for zaBouncer Cat Teaser

  1. Mia Groenewald

    50/50My cat doesn’t like this toy actually, unless when he’s having his zoomies. But he does like the shoelace I’ve tied to this toy. And I must say adding the shoelace made it better for me as I don’t have to move around much and the height of the sick makes it like you are fishing (a cat haha). I have friends with this toy and their cats like it, my cat is just a cheapskate.

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