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What does the type of dog you have say about you?

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As pet people, we don’t always need to use words to tell others who we are. Our choice of dog says a whole lot without us needing to open our mouths. Can you identify with any of these ‘dog personalities’?

Buy now, pay later

You just HAD to have that border collie for her cute face and those intelligent eyes, only to realise that you’ve signed yourself up for 15 years of throwing a frisbee with absolutely no rest. But this is your personality: first take the leap, then read the fine print. You’re spontaneous, you’ve got guts, and you have as many grooming tools as you have squeaky toys, frisbees, and balls (oh, so many balls!) in the bottom of the kitchen cupboard. For some odd reason, you’ve got far more chunky-knit cardigans than you’ll ever need in your life, but every morning you check your closet to make sure they’re still there.

Fancy, but lazy

Your French bulldog is the embodiment of the good life and you probably share the same traits as your popular pup. Your good looks have given you an upper hand since the day you were born, and as a result, you’re not really bothered with having to prove yourself. You’re fabulous just as you are! You’re super popular and probably have a lot of people checking out your (squidgy) butt. What they don’t know is that while you may have hordes of fans, you’re only loyal to a handful of close friends. You love spending time with your people, as long as it’s on the couch. You sometimes feel self-conscious about your ears, but your friends will tell you they’re your most attractive feature!

Loyal boykie

Before people see your gym bag or your Honda Civic, they see your immense profile causing quite the solar eclipse. Your Rottweiler casts the same kind of shadow and, like you, is not to be messed with. Sometimes you go to the pub for fisticuffs to reclaim your respect, and if a ou checks you out, you give him lank side-eye and flex your pecs before walking in the opposite direction. Teeth may be bared unless your mates keep you on a tight leash. Despite rubbing many people up the wrong way, you hate spending time on your own, so you’ve got a few close buds and you’re loyal to a fault. Okes must get to know about you before they try to get to know you, but your biggest secret is your soft heart under all that exterior threat. Oh, and your hips hurt a lot, even though you’re not that old.

New York minute

(That’s minute… as in ‘small’) Your Yorkshire terrier does ALL the talking – even the neighbours know about it! But she’s one of the few companions who appreciates your immaculate sense of style and your love of the finer things in life. And she doesn’t mind sharing your small apartment – you like it cosy. You have a tendency to brush your hair a few times a day, but not too many so as to dislodge the ribbons. You keep very close to the people in your inner circle, but if they’re not available for a visit for a while, things can get awfully dramatic. You need dental treatments more often than you’d like to admit, but it’s necessary to keep your health in check. You’re a self-confessed people pleaser, so any criticism from outside can really get taken to heart. You get an iffy tummy, but that’s probably because your mom had it, and her mom had it, and so on.

By the book

You’ve always had a sneaky suspicion that you’d do well as a police officer. You believe in rules and staying within the boundaries of good behaviour. Your German shepherd is just the perfect reflection of your personality! You’re very loyal and a hard worker who rarely defies orders, so your bosses and managers have rewarded you handsomely during your working career. You play well with others, but you prefer to stay close to just one or two very special people, and you quickly form bonds in which you can exercise your loyalty. You’ll do anything – anything – to protect the people you love, and they know they can count on you. When the seasons change, you regularly have to remove a lot of hair from the shower drain.


You love peanut butter and jam, mixed media art, and you have no problem wearing your Adidas tank top with no-name-brand jeggings. We won’t judge your choice of esoteric paperbacks right next to the political thrillers on your bookshelf, so your rescue breed of unknown parentage is also no surprise. You’re easy-going and compassionate, and while you may have had a tough childhood, you don’t take life for granted and you’re just grateful for little pleasures on the daily. Sometimes you love a fancy three-course meal and sometimes – we won’t tell anyone – you eat the Smarties that fell between the couch cushions (three weeks ago). Your favourite thing to do is take a nap in the late afternoon sunbeam on the bed. You easily make friends, but you’re also just as happy to spend one-on-one time with your BFF. You don’t mind that there are LOTS of photos of you on Instagram because everybody double-taps them. Your BFF wants you to live forever!

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