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Remarkable pets who saved lives

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Real-life stories of heroic four-legged family members going out of their way to save the lives of humans. They are true heroes with huge hearts! Here is a compilation of some amazing pets that saved lives.

9/11-Hero celebrates her birthday!

9/11 was a shock to the world! So many lives were lost, but so many were saved, thanks to the amazing help of the service dogs. Follow this link and read about Bretagne, the last known living 9/11 Search and Rescue dog that was a hero to so many and watch how she got spoiled on her birthday. Read the full article

Guide dog jumps in front of school minibus to save owner’s life!

Not only does Figo, a very brave guide dog, guide Audrey Stone through her difficult life everyday, he took one leap further and jumped in front of a minibus to save her life. Read more on how they reunited after their injuries. Read more

Max, a search and rescue dog, finds and saves a 79-year-old’s life

Russians give France a puppy to replace their beloved brave police dog Diesel

Dobrynya replaces Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian shepherd, who was killed in a French police raid targeting the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks.

“The puppy you are giving us today will replace Diesel and proves your friendship. They are waiting for this puppy in Paris,” Ripert said, according to Politico, adding that the Russian offer was “a gesture that comes from the heart” and “shows the relations between Russia and France quite well.”

Read more about Dobrynya

Cat takes a bullet to save a three-year-old boy

Opie, a beautiful ginger cat, saved a three-year-old’s life when a stray bullet shot through the window and hit Opie. If it wasn’t for that the boy would’ve been dead.

Read the full article

Rescued Cat, Rusty, warns owner (a retired nurse) of a heart attack.

  Farm dog keeps 3-year-old boy warm in the cold until found

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