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Kitten starter kit checklist: What you need for a new kitten

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You’ve diligently followed the pet adoption process and are anticipating the arrival of your new purry friend. A new kitten will change your life as much as you change theirs – that’s what being a pet hero is all about! Your kitten’s first day home will be a rollercoaster of exploring and playtime, so we recommend that you prepare for your kitten’s arrival beforehand. What do you need for a new kitten?

We’ve got just the thing… the kitten starter kit! This article offers the purrfect checklist for what to get to be prepared for your first day home with your new kitten. You can order these products directly from Pet Hero’s online pet shop and get a box full of new kitten goodies delivered directly to your door!

Kitten food

The kind of kitten food your new purry friend eats will contribute directly to the quality of her life and her overall health going forward. Therefore, it’s important to buy the best kitten food for your new kitten and give her a catastic start in life!

Cat food and water bowls

Cat food bowls have come a long way since cats meowsied their way into human homes. Now you can choose a cat bowl that suits your kitten’s purrsonality as well as your style of décor. Browse the wide selection of cat food bowls and feeding accessories on the Pet Hero website and Add to cart!

  • R1 889.00 Read more
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Kitten beds and blankets

Your kitten’s new bed is not just a place for her to sleep, but is a haven and a hideaway for when she needs to be by herself to recharge. Many kittens like an enclosed bed like a little igloo or hut, especially in winter; while some like an open bed on an elevated surface. Choose the ideal bed for your kitten as well as a few kitty blankets for her to knead and snuggle.

  • R331.00 Add to cart
  • R279.00 Add to cart

Cat scratchers and furniture

You cannot bring home a kitten and not have at least some cat scratchers, trees and scratching posts for this new little bundle of fur and claws. Cats need to scratch to clean and sharpen their claws, stretch their muscles and engage their instincts. Redirect their attention to these beautiful bespoke scratchers and they’ll keep their claws off your furniture and curtains!

  • R699.00 Read more
  • R949.00 Read more
  • R475.00 Add to cart

Kitten toys

Kittens need toys like lungs need air – it’s a matter of survival! Play is so intricately linked to keeping kittens healthy and happy, so they need the kinds of toys that will trigger their instincts and get them chasing, jumping, grabbing, kicking and biting – as they would with prey in the wild. Make sure your kitten starter kit has plenty of kitten toys that resemble creatures they would naturally be interested in in the wild. Ready, set, playtime!

  • R733.00 Add to cart
  • R381.00 Add to cart
  • R461.00 Add to cart
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Kitty litter box and kitty litter

A truly effective ‘homing device’, if your kitten knows where the litterbox is and how to use it, you can be sure she’ll quickly build her confidence along with healthy toilet habits. Choosing the right litterbox can be a bit of a trial-and-error process, depending on your kitten’s likes and dislikes, but a basic litter tray with kitty litter and a poop scoop are must-haves on your Pet Hero kitten starter kit checklist.

  • R200.00 Add to cart
  • R200.00 Add to cart
  • R65.00 Add to cart

Kitten spill cleaning products

No matter how clean and well-trained even the spunkiest, cleverest kitten may be, it’s inevitable that you will need to clean up some kitten messes. It comes with the territory of owning pets – cleaning and masking those funky pet odours. Make sure you are prepared with a few disinfectants, stain removers and odour eliminators to keep your home sanitised and smelling fresh.

Why can’t I just use regular household cleaning products for pet messes? you ask. Everyday household cleaning products can be highly toxic to your precious pets, so it’s best to buy cleaning products specially made for them.

  • R135.00 Read more
  • R106.00 Add to cart
  • R54.00 Select options
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Kitten grooming tools

Your kitten has a natural built-in grooming tool (her tongue), but that doesn’t mean you can skip the grooming tools and regimen for your feline friend. Kittens who are groomed from early on will find it easier and more comfortable to be handled throughout their lives – making your vet’s job a bit easier too. Your kitten will need a shampoo from time to time, and if she’s a medium- to long-hair breed, grooming her with a brush or comb will help to remove any dead, shed hair and keep her coat soft and healthy. Add some of these grooming tools to your kitten starter kit.

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What’s in a kitten starter kit?

There are endless combinations to the Pet Hero kitten starter kit – you just need to decide what’s best for your new kitten, Add to cart, complete your order and wait for your Pet Hero box to arrive on your doorstep!

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