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Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist

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Your pets’ ancestors didn’t actually hibernate in winter, but your snuggle bugs curled up on the couch under mountains of blankets don’t want you to know that. They want you to know they need warmth and treats and as many creature comforts as possible! Winter is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to make sure you and your furry friends are prepared for the colder months.

How many items on this handy winter checklist do you have ready?

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist Warm, comfortable, supportive pet bed   

Aside from the sunny spot in the window, the most pawsome place to be in winter is in bed. Warm, cosy and comfortable, with lots of blankets and a soft but supportive mattress. That applies to both you and your pets’ comfort. So it’s that time of year again when you should take a good look at your pets’ beds and see if they need repair or replacement. If your dog or cat is getting on in years, then a new memory foam mattress will not only give them a high quality place to sleep, but it will be brilliant for cold, old joints and tired muscles.

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist Winter pawjamas      

Since dogs come in all shapes, sizes and with a variety of fur densities, some of them may need a little extra padding during winter. Short-haired dogs who are quite slender (think Italian greyhounds, miniature pinschers and even Chihuahuas) can get cold much quicker than their bushy counterparts – like huskies, GSDs and border collies. These short-haired pooches are the perfect candidates for jerseys and jackets in winter, especially on walkies. But take note of the pros and cons of dressing your pup in a jacket, and remember to give your pup a bit of a breather from clothes for the warmer parts of the day.

And what about the cat’s pyjamas? Your cat would like you to know something… just click here.

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist Cold-weather calories

Like humans, pets run the risk of packing on the winter weight. It could be because of an increase in a treats-in-bed scenario (because Rufus looks so cute wrapped in his doggy blanket that you just have to give him a cookie!) or because it’s cold outside and walkies < warm cosy bed. Either way, ask your vet about recommending a weight-management diet if your furry and purry friends get fat in winter.

Fortunately there are other ways to mitigate winter weight gain…

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist Winter walkies

Exercising during the colder months is a very smart way to handle winter for both you and your pets. Your dog will benefit from a daily (or twice daily, if your time management allows) walk. Not only will it keep his metabolism in check, but it’s a great way to crank up his body heat and let that little furnace burn from within. Make sure you have a good-fitting harness and collar, as well as a high-quality leash when you get out and about. And, as a good neighbour and a responsible pet owner, don’t forget the poop bags.

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist Indoor playtime

If your furry or purry friends are more indoor playmates, winter is the purrfect opportunity to embrace proactive play. Round up their toys and get their bodies and minds working so that they don’t become lazy and unmotivated. Cat toys have the wonderful effect of activating your feline’s hunting and pouncing instincts, while most dogs will simply jump at the chance of engaging in fetch, tug, chew and puzzle games while having some one-on-one time with their best human friend.

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist Brush up on your grooming

If your dog or cat grows in their winter coat, then surely you can wait for their summer cut and put the grooming tools to one side, right? Wrong! Most fuzzies grow in their winter coats, but this results in an increase in shedding. A good undercoat brush and a slicker will do the trick on long-haired pets, while short-haired pets can be groomed with a bristle brush or a grooming glove.

If you need some help choosing the right grooming tools for your pet, read this.

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist The cat’s business

For cat households, winter can bring a few changes. Your normally outdoor cat may not be so keen to use the outdoor ‘bathroom’ as often in the cold months, so make sure you have an adequate number of cat litterboxes indoors. Cats can be quite territorial about where they ‘go’, so if you already have an indoor cat who’s comfy with her litterbox, don’t expect her to share it with her outdoor buddy. Here’s what your cat wants you to know about her toilet.

Keep your pets warm with this winter checklist Joint support in winter

Pets who suffer with arthritic joints (genetics or age related) will feel their aches and pains more keenly when they are cold. There are three ways to address painful joints in winter: a joint supplement, a soft yet supportive bed, and keeping warm with jerseys and blankets.

Shop Pet Hero for more winter warmers and make sure you’ve completed the winter pet checklist before the cold arrives!

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