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How to own a pet on a budget

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Are you planning on owning a pet?

Before you go out and get a new pet, why not first consider adopting? There are so many animals needing a home. There are even places where you can get puppies and kittens. The benefits of getting an older pet can also be beneficial to you, e.g. you will not need to potty train them; they are more alert to your tone; understand most commands and they are easier to train. There are many places where you can find older and younger rescue pets, like the SPCA. You will be able to find the nearest SPCA via google. However, if you want a young pet, there are many place to adopt them too. Kitty and Puppy Heaven is one of them.

Adopting a pet will work out much cheaper than going to a breeder and paying thousands of rands for a pure breed. Many adoption organisations include your pet’s spay or neuter and vaccinations.

If adopting Mutts, Mixed-breeds, Mongrel, Mishmash – whatever you may call them – you will learn to realise that they are truly unique, one of a kind, never-to-be-seen-again, fur babies. Before you can count to three, they would’ve crawled into your heart with their amazing personalities and unpredictable looks. They truly imprint there paw marks into our hearts.

Where and how to get your pet food and supplies for cheaper:

Food is not an area you would want to compromise on. You would not give junk food to your children, so why would you even consider it for your fur baby? Your vet will tell you what food is best for your dog. If you can’t afford the best, they will recommend a good quality pet food for a cheaper price.

Read the label on your pet’s food bag to make sure what ingredients the manufacturer has used. If it doesn’t say, rather leave the food and pick another. Read our blog on How to choose your dog food or How to choose your cat’s food. This will provide you with information on what food is best for you pets.

When buying your pet’s food, look around for specials or great deals. Pet Hero Online Pet Store is not only one of the most affordable online shops, but also has many great offers that you can benefit from. If you buy over a R450 you get free delivery. They also provide a loyalty point program that accumulates and which you can use as discount on future shopping. So, the more you shop the more points you get. Eventually you can buy a bag of food, a toy or a yummy treat for your fur baby, with these accumulated points.

Keep your eyes open for any vaccination or spay/neuter specials:

Look for any specials on vaccination on social media or the internet. There are also international vaccination days where you can get great specials and sometimes get it for free. You can also try contacting animal shelters and non-profit humane societies for spaying, neutering and other services that they may provide for less than you would pay a vet.

Groom your pet at home:

Grooming can also be an expensive trip, so why not teach yourself how to groom your babies. Most pets are rather easy and only need a good scrub and a brush, but others might need a shave or trim. Look at some videos on the internet on how to groom your pet or read our Grooming Healthy Tips Blog to give you a know-how.

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