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Cats and winter – how to make them comfortable

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Cats are amazing animals. They are very proud and will never show weakness, just like a lion in the jungle. Showing pain is just unacceptable. Now knowing this, you will need to keep a close eye on your flossy little tiger, especially if they are more mature or a roamer.

Everyone who loves and owns a feline companion knows that they are heat seekers. With winter here, the cold is bone-chilling and old wounds, or arthritis can be more painful than the norm. So have a nice cosy spot for your cat – whether it’s a sun-puddle, a windowsill, or a pillow and blanket in the sun. Cats are creatures of comfort, and the most comfortable cat is a warm and pain-free cat.

Cats and winter - how to make them comfortable

If your cat seems to behave differently, consider taking him or her to the vet, since your cat will not show that it is in pain. If you have an older feline and you are concerned and would like to give your feline a little more support, consider getting cat supplements. There are quite a few cat joint support supplements that will make your feline a little bit more comfortable.

Some feline cats become itchy and scratchy during the wintertime. Their coat is a little more dryer, their skin flakier and they lose more hair than usual. This is normal if your cat is more of a roamer and loves being outside. Get your cat skin and coat support to relieve any irritation that might cause your cat to scratch itself open or cause more damage to the skin.

Cats and winter - how to make them comfortable

Cats do become a lot lazier when winter kicks in. It is best to remember that because they are not nearly as active, they might pick up weight during the winter. You might have to consider feeding your feline friend less than usual and maybe getting him or her a food supplement to boost their immune system.

Cats shed all year long, with the most substantial period being autumn and spring. That means that all year round brushing is needed to help your cat have a beautiful thick coat. Gentle, daily brushing not only removes loose hair, but it also keeps your cat’s skin healthy by removing dead fur and stimulating new hair growth.

Cats and winter - how to make them comfortable

As it becomes colder, your cat will not want to use its outside toilet nearly as much. Provide your cat with an indoor litter box. There are many different types of litter trays and toilets available and also many different litters and cleaning tools. Remember, nobody likes a dirty toilet and nor does your cat. Daily cleaning is essential.

The companionship of a cat is indeed a gift, one of life’s greatest joys. The purring of a cat soothes the nerves and relaxes the body. They can make it worth coming home, after a bad day at work. The great French writer and artist, Jean Cocteau, adored cats, summing up their power in this lovely quote: “I love cats because I love my home, and after a while, they become its visible soul.”

Keep your furry feline warm and comfy this winter; it’s the least we can do for their endless love.

Cats and winter - how to make them comfortable
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