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Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

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Your dog would love to go everywhere with Your dog would love to go everywhere you go and be with you 100% of the day! It turns out that if you follow just a few basic rules and practise responsible pet ownership, he can go where you go. There are some considerations for your dog’s journey into the public sphere:

  • Is your car kitted out to provide a safe and comfortable ride for your dog?
  • Is your dog afraid of the car, and what can you do to combat his fears?
  • Does your dog have motion sickness? What you can do to minimise its effects and let your dog enjoy travelling.
  • Should your dog where a collar or harness when out and about? And does your dog walk comfortably on a leash?
  • Should your dog travel in a plane? And what about emigrating with your pet?
  • Does your dog relax when out in public with you?

We cover these topics and more in detail here.

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

The ultimutt car ride companion

Take your dog with you wherever you go – just kit your car out with these dog necessities. It’s also impawtant to know the South African laws on driving with your dog in your car.

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

What if your dog is afraid of the car?

In this helpful article, we cover how to desensitise your furry friend from being afraid of the car, and to counter-condition them to expect pleasure and fun during a car ride. Find calming tools inside.

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

What if your dog has motion sickness?

Different from fear of the car, motion sickness is a physical ailment that affects some pets. Here’s how to combat motion sickness so your pup can enjoy travelling with you!

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

The great harness vs collar debate

Explore the pros and cons of collars and harnesses to see which is the better option for your individual pup. It could lead to better walkies for both human and hound.

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

Loose-leash walking 101

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the secret to walking your dog with a loose leash – here it is! Just remember that practice, patience and persistence = pawfect!

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

Embarking on a plane journey with your pet

Should your pet go on a plane ride with you on an overseas holiday? And if you’re emigrating, what is the process to get your pet overseas for the long haul? Pet Hero answers your travel questions.

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

Warning colours on dog bandanas

Stranger approaching you and your dog in public? Tell people what they need to know about your dog with a brightly coloured bandana or a leash cover. Here’s what the different colours mean.

Go everywhere with your dog. Here’s how

Dog behaviour in public

Dogs should be able to go anywhere with their owners, but this means obeying the overt and implicit rules of being out in public with your furry friend. Learn more about being a responsible petizen.

Walking, travelling and being out in the general public with your furry friend means adhering to rules and being on your best behaviour – for your dog’s and everyone else’s safety. Subscribe to our newsletter and get more infurmation on being a pet hero for life! You’ll also get first word on our specials, pawmotions, sales and giveaways – delivered straight to your inbox.

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