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French Bulldog breed – Facts and traits

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The French Bulldog, also adorably known as the Frenchie, is really good at sitting down and being cute. Their squidgy faces and cute snorting are irresistible! Most people that own Frenchies treat them as family and spoil them to bits.

The French Bulldog is thought to be descended from the Tibetan or Asian mastiff. The Asian mastiff was probably imported to England by the Phoenicians. Crosses with various terriers gradually reduced the breed’s size. When the breed appeared in France around 1850, it already had certain similarities to today’s French Bulldog. Subsequent crosses with the Pug and other breeds contributed to today’s model.

Frenchies come in a variety of colours, including fawn, cream, various shades of brindle, solid black, and tri-colour black, white and tan. Frenchies have a brachycephalic face, which means they have a flat nose. They have short stubby legs and are top-heavy – therefore they cannot swim. Frenchies have adorable bat-wing ears that give them such a quirky look.

Frenchies are great companions and like to be near their owner and loved ones. Frenchies require very little exercise and will do very well as apartment or simplex dogs, but they do require daily walks. You might just end up with an energetic individual who will love to run and can play for hours if you let them. Their short coat makes them extremely easy to groom, but you still need to check on their health. Be sure to keep the wrinkles on the eyes dry and free of moisture.

Due to their flat faces, Frenchies do not breathe very easily, so take special care in hot weather conditions. They can also be prone to brachycephalic syndrome (respiratory problems) and exophthalmos (bulging eyes). They can be extremely stubborn and difficult to train, but will never bite. They require firm, gentle and persuasive training from early on… but they are more interested in getting rather than giving affection, and love being the boss of the house. Frenchies are wonderful family dogs and all it takes is a scratch on their belly for them to love you forever.

BreedFrench Bulldog
Average Adult Height25 – 35 cm
Average Adult Weight8 – 14 kg
Life Expectancy10 – 14 Years
Exercise RequirementsDaily walks are required
Similar BreedsEnglish Bulldog, Boston Terrier
Rescues in South Africa
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