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Domestic shorthair cat breed – Facts and traits

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A bit of everything to be honest. Well, a bit of every cat to be specific. The DSH is known worldwide and one of the most common cats seen. They do not belong to a specific breed, because it has a mixed ancestral history. The DSH varies in colour and size, from white to black, grey, ginger or tabby. They can be patchy, calico or stripey – anything goes with the alley cat.

The domestic shorthair (DSH) has a mixed ancestral history, thus not belonging to any one specific breed. As a result of this, they do vary in size, shape and colour and are generally in good genetic health. 

They can be one or multiple colours, with various coat markings. Black, white, ginger, grey, tabby, calico or tortoiseshell – almost any colour or shade can be seen. The only specification for being called a shorthair is that the coat should be short.

The temperament of the DSH varies just as much as their appearance does, and this depends largely on the cats’ background. Most of them are friendly, loving, playful and curious. For a good cat temperament, it’s important not to remove the kittens from their mother’s care too early – ideally only by 12 weeks old.

Domestic shorthairs are savvy, loyal and playful. They are highly skilled hunters and are therefore not afraid or too lazy to hunt for their food. You can expect them to bring you gifts of mice and birds if you’re unable to curb the habit. Domestic shorthairs are non-demanding and low-maintenance pets. Regular grooming (brushing once a week) will help against them shedding all over the place.

Domestic shorthair
Breed Domestic Short-Hair Cat
Country No specific origin
Average Adult Height Can Vary
Average Adult Weight 4 – 6 kg
Life Expectancy 10 – 15 Years
Exercise requirements Not much required
Similar Breeds One of a kind
Rescues in South Africa
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