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Christmas – Why your pets love it

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Boy oh boy, counting down the days until Christmas is soooo exciting. Why? There are millions of reasons why, but to name a few: there are beautiful light displays at some homes, in shopping centers and streets; the joy when children see Santa and they can give him a list of all the toys their little hearts desire and the prospect of delicious food and quality time with your loved ones. But, do you think your fur babies like Christmas just as much? We think they do. They may not understand the concept of Christmas, but surely there are some things about the holiday season that they look forward to every year.

Here are five reasons we think pets are just as excited about Christmas as you are:

Summer fun:

Have fun in the sun – your dog will just love the summer walks, swims and playing catch. There are so many exciting things to do in summer: going to the beach, hiking or even chilling at home. All these are fun things your pets just love… Family time!

There are boxes everywhere:

There are just some pets that can not resist a box, no matter the size. They get in there and have a ball. The best part of Christmas is that there are soooo many boxes under the tree and with all the online shopping done, the boxes arrive early. So, bring on the shopping. Why not shop at Pet Hero, your number one online pet store and we will throw in a free box 🙂 Here is a funny video of Simon, the cat, having fun with his box:

They get a lot of attention:

How exciting, so many people and soooo much love and attention, and don’t forget the yummy snacks going around. Your pets will think they are in heaven. What more could they possibly want?


We all love presents and believe it or not, so do your pets. What fun when mom or dad tears open the present and there is a brand new toy to roll around and play with. What about a new bed or pillow to sleep on? Ooohh, jay!


Among the best and most important things of Christmas, is spending time with loved ones. So, as you celebrate the season, don’t forget to sneak in some quality time with your furry family member, because really, that’s what Christmas is all about.

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