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How to adopt a cat and find your purrfect companion

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If you are looking to adopt a cat, you’ve come to the right place because Pet Hero has some clawsome tips and information on the simplest ways to go about the cat adoption process. Owning a cat is no small feat, though, and comes with a long-term commitment that it’s your responsibility to keep. If you can handle the feeding, grooming, vet care, playing, purring and loving for the next eight to 18 years then you’re ready to wear the cape that makes you a pet hero to your new purry friend.

Should you adopt or buy a cat?

This question has driven many a cat enthusiast into hissterics! As with the ever-present pedigreed dog vs shelter dog argument, pedigreed cat lovers are proponents for careful and meticulous breeding practices to preserve their beloved breeds; while rescue organisations and cat shelters are in dire need of furever homes for stray and abandoned kittens and cats in their overflowing catteries. The question of whether you should adopt or buy a kitten or cat is up to you – and it depends on your requirements for a pet cat, the space you have available and, of course, your purrsonality!

As with dog breeds, cat breeds are also loved and prefurred for their size, their temperaments and their markings. Some cat lovers adore longhaired cats with their floofy yet regal countenance, which they can spend much time grooming and preening – while other cat pawrents enjoy the simplicity of shorter-haired cats whose bone structure and shape are more visible. Colour markings, size, energy levels, personality, sociability – these are all serious considerations you should think about before deciding which type of cat you would like to adopt and from where. What’s impawtant is not only that you are happy with the cat you bring into your home, but that the cat’s needs are also met and he/she is comfortable and healthy.

What type of cat should you NOT get?

Cats are absolutely beautiful creatures, each with truly unique markings that can bewitch and entrance humans into wanting to own and love them. It’s like kitty meowgic! However, we humans need to be careful of desiring to possess a certain type of cat for their looks alone. Some of the most beautiful cats are incredible to behold… but they require specialised care, lots of enclosed space, and meeting their needs can be very expensive and time-consuming.

If you find yourself attracted to a certain cat breed because of their appearance or because you saw it in a movie or you know someone who has one, first do your research! Find out more about the cat’s temperament, basic and specialised care, genetic disorders, and the type of time and financial commitments that the breed will require. Remember, it’s not just about you the cat owner, it’s about providing the best care to ensure the cat’s wellbeing too!

You can research your favourite cat breeds on the Pet Hero cat breed database (coming soon). In the meantime, purruse the Southern Africa Cat Council or the Cat Federation of Southern Africa for more information on cat breeds and breeders.

DO NOT SEARCH FOR KITTENS ONLINE, you might just fall victim to a kitten or cat breed scam. It’s the same people (with the same methods) who target new pet owners in puppy scams. This article will inform you of what to look out for to avoid being scammed.

If you have no specific preference for a particular cat breed – you just know you want a new purry friend – then adopt don’t shop!

Where can I adopt a cat?

A big irony in the pet universe is that many purebred/pedigreed dog and cat breeds end up at pet rescue organisations and shelters. It’s best to start your search for a cat to adopt at your nearest pet rescue or shelter. Just imagine the variety of adorable, adoptable cats and kittens available and waiting for you to come and take them home. All of those hypnotising kitten eyes… all that purring… all of those cat kisses…

We are quite certain that some of our pet heroes have some catastic stories of cat adoptions, where they thought they were looking for a particular type of cat, but what they got instead was the cat that found them!

If you’re not sure where to look for a new cat to adopt, search on Facebook for your nearest pet shelter, where you should also be able to see which cats and kittens are ready to go to their forever homes. However, it’s best to go and visit shelter catteries in person so you can find the right cat to suit your lifestyle and personality.

What is the cat adoption process?

There is a necessary process to follow to adopt a new cat from a reputable animal shelter or pet rescue. You can read about it here.

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