Beeztees Ravena Rodent Tunnel


Are you looking for a fun and exciting tunnel that will bust your little friend’s boredom and give him a lovely place to hide, nap and explore? Then the Beeztees Ravena Rodent Tunnel is a lightweight, mint-coloured, easily collapsible tunnel that will brighten up your small friend’s life.

The Beeztees Ravena Rodent Tunnel comes in the dimension of 70 cm x 20cm.

What is AutoShip

The Beeztees Ravenan Rodent Tunnel is made of nylon to give your little friend some good mental and physical stimulation. We know that our little friend’s critter counterparts in the wild love to crawl into burrows to hide, nest and explore. The trendy cylindrical set-up is a lovely addition to your small animal’s cage, which will intrigue him to exercise, explore and satisfy his natural burrowing instincts.

The Beeztees Ravena Rodent Tunnel is a good-sized play tunnel fashioned with a peephole that will provide him with interactive exploring options. This tunnel is a fun way to entice him to treasure hunt and forage for treats when you fill parts of it with hay and hide some nutritious treats in between.

The Beeztees Ravena Rodent Tunnel is mint coloured, which gives it a tranquil feel and is lovely to sneak away for a nice nap. The Beeztees Ravena Rodent Tunnel is collapsible, so you can take it wherever you go to provide your small friend with pure entertainment and fun.

Give your little friend a tunnel, a secure spot in which he can feel at home.

The Beeztees Ravena Rodent Tunnel is 70 cm long and 20 cm in diameter,



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