Beeztees Moulting Comb


The Beeztees Moulting Comb is a lovely addition to your grooming set in that it is specifically designed to take care of your small animal’s coat when moulting. The Beeztees Moulting Comb is a durable comb made with a non-slip handle and a comb with long and short teeth to ensure gentle grooming. The Beeztees Moulting Comb will help you give your fur friend fun and relaxing grooming time, while it allows you to inspect his coat and skin for any underlying conditions.

Give your rabbit or guinea pig a thorough groom now and again. He will look good and feel great!



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The Beeztees Moulting Comb for Rodents is a lovely way to bond with your small friend while grooming his coat. The Beeztees Moulting Comb has a black ergonomically designed non-slip handle and a short-and-long-teeth-comb that will gently move through knots and tangles to remove loose hair during the moulting period. Grooming your small fur friend regularly during his moulting period will ensure that his coat is in good condition as it removes loose hair and releases natural oils that will shine and revitalise his coat.

The Beeztees Moulting Comb is suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs with long hair and dense coats.

When you groom your fur friend, it will give you the time to check him for any skin conditions or ticks and fleas. The Beeztees Moulting Comb provides you with a gentle way to inspect and sort out your fur friend’s coat while strengthening your bond. Gently combing through your pet’s coat is the loving thing to do. Enhance your bond, enhance his skin condition.

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