Animology Deep Clean Shampoo


Animology Deep Clean is an advanced dog shampoo formulated to penetrate the thickest of dog coats to target, loosen and remove stubborn dirt and malodour to leave your four-legged teddy bear’s coat clean and smelling fresh. The Animology Deep Clean Shampoo is enriched with Vitamin B5, which helps to remove knots from your pet baby’s coat and improve Snowflake’s overall appearance.

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The thick and fluffy breeds of four-legged pet babies, and those with double coats, have a lot of coat to take care of, so they typically require frequent and thorough grooming with shampoo products that can penetrate easily through all that hair or fur but still rinse well.

If Snowflake is not groomed regularly, trapped hairs form knots and eventually mats in your fluffy, thick-coated dog. This can be unsightly and bacteria can get trapped under mats and cause skin irritation and sores.

Thick and fluffy coated dogs, if not regularly groomed, can get really scruffy looking. They tend to have hair on their face, in the ears, between toes, around the mouth, and near the eyes and these hairs get covered in debris or discharge, which is unsightly, smelly, and can cause health problems or infections from trapped bacteria.

Thick coated dogs also tend to get faeces and mud caught and built upon their rear ends. Addressing these areas is especially important when grooming and washing your thick-coated dog.

The Animology Deep Clean Shampoo is specially formulated for thick-coated dogs.

The Animology Deep Clean Shampoo is an easy rinse, deodorising, yet deep cleaning, pro-vitamin B5 shampoo.

Available in a handy 250 ml tube.



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  • Easy Rinse;
  • Deodorising;
  • Intense Cleaning;
  • Pro-Vitamin B5;
  • High Performance.

Directions for use

Wet dog with warm water, lather, rinse thoroughly and dry.


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