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AnimalZone Calcium Powder

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AnimalZone Calcium Powder is a vitamin and calcium supplement for caged birds that are suffering from weak or brittle bones.  

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Calcium deficiency in caged birds is a widespread problem. Caged birds are kept on a restricted diet of peanuts and sunflower seeds.  Even though these foods are rich in calcium, the foods contain oxalates that will interrupt the absorption of calcium. Birds get used to a diet and refuse to eat anything else, so this compounds the problem to nutritional deficiency. Supplementing your birds’ diet with Calcium helps build and maintain your birds’ skeletal structure and the metabolism of Vitamin D.  

AnimalZone Calcium powder is a mixture of calcium and vitamins, which can help your bird with eggshell formation, fat metabolism, blood clotting, muscle development and the secretion of hormones. It can also be used for older birds or a dietary supplement for birds that are not on a balanced diet.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency in your caged birds:

  • Poor eggshell formation
  • Poor bone health
  • Unhealthy heart
  • Seizures
  • Nervousness
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  • Easy to administer
  • Much needed calcium and vitamins
  • Aids with the formation of eggs
  • Strengthens bones

Feeding guidelines

Sprinkle over fresh food.

Please see packaging for more guidelines.


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