Animal Zone Small Animal Hutch Spray


Eliminate the feisty aromas from hutches and enclosures of small pets like rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats and other rodents – with Animal Zone’s Small Animal Hutch Spray.

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Our fuzzy friends seek the cover of their cages and hutches for quiet time, nap time and potty time. When the time comes to clean and deodorise those small animal enclosures, what better way to safely and effectively eliminate germs (and consequently odours) than with Animal Zone’s Small Animal Hutch Spray?

Little critters like hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, bunnies and other rodents are very sensitive to bacteria, so their enclosures, cages and hutches should be cleaned regularly. You don’t need strong, toxic household cleaners like bleach and ammonia, which are dangerous for little creatures. Animal Zone’s Small Animal Hutch Spray neutralises bacteria and germs, eliminating the threat of contagion, and taking small animal odours along with them.

Keep your little pets’ environment clean, hygienic and fresh, and create an effective barrier against germs.

Animal Zone’s Small Animal Hutch Spray is available in a 1-litre bottle.

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