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Home of the animal lover!

Animal Planet Pets are proud to be part of the greater Animal Planet family that celebrates the relationship between humans and animals. Family at Animal Planet Pets is important! All furry, scaled and feathered friends are part of our family.

Family Plant Pets also strives to maintain the link between pets and the animal kingdom at large. This balance is maintained and dedicated to supporting many awesome welfare organisations that look after animals in need.

Striving to be your partner in pet wellness, the Animal Planet Pets range of awesome products will surely delight the fussiest pets. If you care about your pet, make every Animal Planet Pets purchase a moment to remember!

Type of products on offer

Animal Planet Pets specialises in dog collars, dog leads, dog harnesses and dog toys.

Choose an Animal Planet Pets product for these reasons

Bright, fashionable designs make these products a sought-after doggie accessory. The fashion range varies from the basic colours to the Premium, Classic and Patterned ranges. The comfortable fit of the collars and harnesses ensures happy, fun-filled walkies.