All for Paws Little Buddy – Comforting Bunny Dog Toy


The cute All for Paws Little Buddy – Comforting Bunny Dog Toy offers a colourful sock stuffable opening and soft material, as well as textured material that will make for endless fun games with your pup! Featuring a plastic teething ring for young doggie gums.

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All For Paws products are distributed worldwide in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and South America. In South Africa, the supplier is the trusted Rogz brand of dog toys and accessories.

All for Paws Little Buddy – Comforting Bunny Dog Toy is made by All For Paws which specialises in designing unique products for pets. With clever, quirky designs that are both eye-catching and functional.

The variety of textures and materials promote your doggo’s natural behaviour such as foraging, exploring and playing. The All for Paws Little Buddy – Comforting Bunny Dog Toy is cute and cuddly, and a great comfort toy whether at home or travelling. The bunny’s head has a small pocket to leave a sock or piece of fabric with your scent on it, so your pup will always have you near him. This toy can easily become your pet baby’s best friend.

The fact is –  dogs just LOVE toys! Dog Toys are fun and rest assured, a new toy can make your dog’s life extra exciting! It will assist with learning. Enrichment toys can enhance your puppy’s ability to learn, helping him develop new skills and to satisfy his natural chewing instincts.

This 35 cm dog toy will ensure endless doggie fun and stimulation, specially created to delight your pet baby with his instinctual need for playing.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Shipping dimensions 35 × 25 × 4 cm

All for Paws




Volumetric weight 0.70 kg

Features and Benefits

  • Quirky, clever design;
  • Sock stuffable opening;
  • Pink and light brown.


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