All For Paws Knotty Habits Yarn Dangling Octopus


All For Paws Knotty Habits Yarn Dangling Octopus is an ink-credibly sweet octopus with moon-round eyes and a multi-coloured yarn body that is fashioned with jingle bells on the inside to keep your feline well entertained and octo-pied. This little fellow is a lovely addition to your cat toy box collection to keep your cat away from boredom and well-entertained. Enjoy the journey with this sea-like creature as he brings your cat many enjoyable moments of interactive playtime fun.



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All For Paws Knotty Habits Yarn Dangling Octopus for Cats is made of yarn and fashioned with 2 adorable embroidered moon round eyes that will capture your feline’s attention. To enrich playtime fun this sweet fellow is made with his favourite multi-coloured yarn and fitted with a jingle bell, which will ensure some good interactive entertainment.

 To ensure that your domesticated cat has all that she needs it is good to put aside time daily to invest in the bond with your cat by stocking up on some innovative and unique cat toys. Dangling toys made with yarn will encourage playful behaviour and enhance her foraging skills. The All For Paws Knotty Habits Yarn Dangling Octopus For Cats is a good toy for grabbing your cat’s attention and keeping her well octo-pied.

This octopus has the ink-credible ability to entice your cat into pouncing, batting, stalking and swatting at it with the rewarding jingle coming from inside.

The cheap and easy low-tech way to keep your cat entertained.

The All For Paws Knotty Habits Yarn Dangling Octopus comes in the size 11.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 4.5 cm.

Always ensure that all your cat’s toys are in pristine condition. Be sure to detect and remove all worn-out toys and replace them with new ones. Toys aren’t a luxury. It is ink-credibly important to keep your cat well octo-pied.


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