All For Paws Cat Toy Knotty Habit Yarn Pom Pom Wand


All For Paws Cat Toy Knotty Habit Yarn Pom Pom Wand For Cats is a great way to bond with your cat. It features yarn, catnip, bells, pom poms, and a rattle ball to keep your cat entertained. The toy is infused with catnip and encourages exercise and foraging skills; it increases responsiveness for up to 30 minutes after play. Improve your cat’s well-being and vitality with this boredom buster toy.

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All For Paws Cat Toy Knotty Habit Yarn Pom Pom Wand has a wooden wand and fluff, two pom poms and a rattle ball that is made with multi-coloured yarn. It is a lovely entertainment feature when building your bond with your feline. The All For Paws Cat Toy Knotty Habit Yarn Pom Pom Wand has an innovative spin on the usual wand in that it features a rattle ball and is additionally infused with catnip, which will entice your cat to play, chase, bat, pounce at and chew on it as it intrigues her curiosity.

Cats just love to play with yarn, and giving your cat her own yarn toy will keep her from boredom and away from your loved furniture. The yarn balls are featured with little bells in the centre, which are sure to grab your feline’s attention.

Use the wand to move and dangle the pom poms, rattle ball and yarn fluff all around your cat to activate her foraging instincts and entertain her with some sound, smell and movement that will bring her much joy.

Regularly check your cat’s toys for wear and tear. No toys are forever indestructible, so be sure to remove and replace worn-out toys. To keep our pets happy and healthy, it’s important that they have access to toys that are in good condition and not damaged.

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