Adopting a Guinea Pig: More of what you need to know

Guinea Pigs are fun pets to own but before making the huge decision to bring one into your family, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, to ensure that the new adjustment goes smoothly. In this article, we outline all the things that you need to know before starting your new life as a Guinea Pig parent.

Because Guinea Pigs have a much shorter life expectancy than your normal household pets (dogs and cats), it is easy to think that they may not require as much effort as any other ordinary pet. Guinea Pigs, however, require more care as they are highly active animals and are more prone to illnesses that you may not be familiar with. Finding a vet for your Guinea Pig can also be a difficult task in itself.

It is extremely important to note that Guinea Pigs are sociable creatures and you may have to get more than one, to make sure that the new furry addition to your family does not get lonely.

To avoid unwanted litters, however, it is important to make sure that you keep pairs of the same sex together. Start the bonding session while the pairs are still infants, to ensure that they adjust to being together, from the get-go.

If you are keeping two Guinea Pigs at once, it is important to have a cage that is big enough to house both. Guinea Pigs need ample amount of space to move around and be active, providing this for your Guinea Pigs will make sure that your Guinea Pigs are not agitated by having to share their space with another.

Standard Guinea Pig or -Small Animal cages are ideal to comfortably house your Guinea Pigs. If you are worried about your Guinea Pigs being crammed in one habitat together, you can build them a cage yourself and customize it to suit your Guinea Pigs’ needs.

If you are looking for a pet that will not disturb your peaceful night’s sleep then a Guinea Pig might not be the best of choices. Even though they do not have a loud bark, Guinea Pigs make a high-pitched squeaking sound when they are irritated or are in need of food.

Once you Guinea Pig gets accustomed to being in your house, they start being less restless and more of a breeze to have around. Guinea Pigs need a lot of care and if you are in a household with kids, then supervised play between your kids and your new pets is highly recommended.

It is important to remember to give your Guinea Pig the best diet to sustain their health and lifestyle. Pet Hero stocks a variety of top-rated Guinea Pig foods that are not only an affordable buy but are healthy for your Guinea Pig.

Your home should not only be a comfortable home for your Guinea Pig but, you should make sure that the environment is the safest. Guinea Pigs are often sheltered or rehomed because families are no longer willing to deal with the responsibility that comes with owning one. If the idea of owning a Guinea Pig still sounds like a colourful one, remember that Pet Hero stocks all your Guinea Pigs necessities at affordable prices.

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